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40 % Savings. Let that SINK in.

40 % Savings. Let that SINK in

StainlessDrains.com is excited to offer our customers a new value engineered sanitary alternative, stainless steel floor sink, in lieu of standard cast iron, porcelain or plastic floor sinks, at nearly 40% off the cost of our competitors. We were able to tailor our design to create a better product, at a fraction of the cost, so the only thing draining will be water, and not your pockets.

tapered floor sink


Our tapered design allows for positive flow to the outlet without creating standing water or collecting debris. It’s available with stainless steel sediment baskets, sediment cups and a variety of grate options.

This cost-saving floor sink is perfect for food and beverage manufacturing plants, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the hospitality industry, restaurants and food service, food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, food plants and dairy plants. Pretty much any plant you can think of, except the kind that are green and grow in the ground.

It’s designed for under counters, equipment, bars, refrigerated coolers, cooler boxes and multi-compartment sinks, where it’s inaccessible by forklift.

This is a new must-have for restaurants and coffee shops!

This product meets all U.S. FDA standards.

Tapered Floor Sink Engineering Specifications

  • 316 or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Sch. 10 or 40 Outlet
  • 1/2” Primer Tap Connection
  • Standard Depths: 6”, 8”, 10” (Others Available)
  • Bead Blast Finish Standard (Satin)
  • Anchor Flange
  • Anchor Flange / Clamp Device
  • Weep Holes • Outlet Sizes: 2” - 8”
  • Threaded Outlet • Adjustable Outlet
  • Secured Grating • Magnetic Locking Pins
  • Custom Logo Grates • Electro-polished Finish
  • Eco-Guard™ Call today to begin your custom quote.

You will be floored by how much you will save!

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