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Featured Product: Butterfly Locking Valve System

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Butterfly Locking Valve System

butterfly lock valve system renderingOne of the most common issues when it comes to drains is debris getting into your drainage system and causing a number of problems.

StainlessDrains.com has created a signature product designed to specifically address this concern. Our patent pending Butterfly Locking Valve System is manufactured to keep your drains and pipes clear of unwanted debris.

The concept is simple; when the sediment basket is removed, the drain is closed off. When the basket is back in place, the butterfly valve opens allowing water down the drain.

This product offers additional protection for your pipes and trunk lines while the baskets are removed and discourages improper waste disposal. It can be a valuable tool to help prevent clogged drains, and reduce the potential for unexpected maintenance costs. Available for 4" or larger outlets.

stainless steel butterfly valves

Minimize or even eliminate messes, delays, and unnecessary costs due to clogged drains from unwanted debris with our Butterfly Locking Valve System.

*The Butterfly Locking Valve System is manufactured on our Texas facility using 304 or 316 stainless steel and meets U.S. FDA standards.

butterfly lock valve system

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