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Custom is the new standard

Custom is the new standard

The dictionary defines “custom” as an adjective that means something that is made to order. It describes something made to the specifications of an individual customer.

At StainlessDrains.com, the word CUSTOM is what we are all about. That six-letter word is what sets us apart from our competition. It is something we take pride in. To us, custom doesn’t mean more though. It doesn’t mean more work, more money or more time. It means that you, the customer, get a specially designed product made for you and your specific project. Custom is “standard” to us.

With plumbing and drains, one size does not fit all. This is why offering custom stainless-steel products is an important part of our business. While we do offer standard sizes and products, we are known for our custom design solutions, that are tailored to the needs of each individual application. What is important to you, is important to us. We want to create a product that will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Why send you a “standard” product and hope it fits? We want to build the specific product you need, getting it right, the first time.


Because of our 20+ years’ experience in the drain industry, we know that there are many factors that determine what type of drain is needed within a project. Location, level of traffic, type of water flow, sanitation requirements; just to name a few. Our team of highly trained drain specialists work closely with customers to determine what type of product would best fit the application and then offers a comprehensive list of standard and custom options.

Offering exceptional customer service and individualization during the ordering process is another key component our sales team strives for. Once the drawings are signed off on, your product is made to order in our Texas plant using U.S. quality 304 or 316 stainless steel. All our products are corrosion-resistant and meet U.S. FDA standards.

No Additional Fees**

Because we control all aspects of production from design through completion, and by utilizing lean manufacturing practices, minimizing waste and overhead, we are able to offer competitive pricing on all jobs, standard and custom. If it can be drawn, we can build it.

Shipping Times

Another distinguishing factor is our commitment to offering fast production and shipping times to our customers. Most orders will be manufactured and shipped out within 10 business days of approved drawings*. Custom orders are no exception. Our team works diligently to complete your order quickly, while never sacrificing quality or craftmanship.

While it may seem “easier” to just pick a product straight out of a catalog and hope it works within your project, why not let our team manufacture a custom drain solution designed specifically for you? Eliminate the guesswork, the need to reorder and the hassle of trying to make your application fit the drain. We can make the drain to fit your application.

Custom is the new standard and it is our commitment to our customers to continue to deliver only the highest quality stainless steel drains and accessories designed for them, without additional fees or extended production/shipping times.

Our team is ready to assist you in beginning your custom order today. Please call 888-785-2345 or email sales@stainlessdrains.com.

*For large orders and during peak business times, production and shipping times might exceed 10 business days. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost.

** Color logo printing or laser engraving on grating is available for a one-time set up fee and a per unit price. 

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