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The amount of time, money and work that goes into the design and construction of a building is why it is so important as an owner, to capitalize on solutions that will help protect your investment.

One such solution to protect your plumbing system is designed by StainlessDrains.com. Our team has carefully crafted an add on feature to secure your drain components with the use of a magnetic lock. This eliminates the possibility of employee negligence or tampering with your drainage system. Often times, debris or other items meant for the garbage are improperly disposed of in the drain by removing the grate and sediment basket. Once these items are shoved down the drain, they enter your trunk lines and create all kinds of issues. Clogged or damaged trunk lines can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs and facility downtime. As an owner, if you can avoid this, why wouldn’t you?

The EZ-Stop-Lock from StainlessDrains.com features a magnetic locking device and corresponding key that works to securely latch the grate and drain accessories, only to be removed for scheduled maintenance and cleaning. The drain is protected from being opened by wrenches, crowbars, pliers or any other item, other than the assigned key. No longer will you have to worry about unauthorized access to your vital drainage system. EZ-Stop-Lock System

The EZ-Stop-Lock is simple to operate. The authorized user will place the designated key over the lock and then it will be released for regularly scheduled maintenance tasks. This will stop employees from throwing away sediment baskets or dumping trash, damaging the trunk lines. This is a huge problem for many production facilities. Now they can lock any drain components within their facility and proactively reduce the incidents of tampering or damage to their plumbing system. EZ-Stop-Lock

StainlessDrains.com will work with your team to develop the perfect stainless steel drainage solution equipped with the EZ-Stop-Lock to help protect your facility and financial investment, thus creating accountability among your employees and maintenance staff.

Be sure to check out how we helped one production facility by designing stainless steel drains with the EZ-Stop-Lock to the used in 14 areas of their facility. Read more here.

StainlessDrains.com manufactures all our stainless steel drains and accessories in our Texas facility using 304 or 316 stainless steel. Custom products, designed specifically for your application, are what we are known for. Our team is here to discuss any issues your facility might be facing and work closely with you to find a resolution. We can also replace any outdated cast iron or damaged drains with our stainless steel products, which have a much longer life and long-term value. Click here to see all the benefits of using stainless steel for your drains.

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