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Stainless Steel Drains in Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries

The adult beverage industry is booming. More and more breweries, wineries and distilleries are being opened up across the U.S., with the numbers rising steadily each year.

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  • The Brewer’s Association cites, “in 2015, the number of operating breweries in the U.S. grew 15 percent, totaling 4,269 breweries-the most at any time in American History.”
  • Wines Vines Analytics showed that as of January 2018, the number of U.S. wineries reached 9,654, up 6% from the same time last year.
  • A white paper by Michael Kinstlick, CEO of Coppersea Distilling, noted that as of 2016, more than 1,000 craft distilleries are now operating in the U.S., showing exponential growth for an industry that was virtually nonexistent 15 years ago.

With the expansion of U.S. beverage production, regulatory agencies are implementing stricter regulations to ensure consumer safety. A big area of concern is the cleanliness and sanitary conditions of facilities, which is where we come in. Due to the anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion and anti-contamination benefits of stainless steel, our products, which are manufactured using 304 or 316 stainless, are a perfect fit for this application.

Designed specifically to cut down on bacteria build up, StainlessDrains.com has developed a rounded bottom trench drain with a ¼” plate slotted forklift rated. It is an 8.5” O.D. (6” I.D) and can be cut to any length your project requires. Trench drains can be shipped in sections up to 50’, but can be field-welded to any length.

brewery drains

We also offer an area drain, which compliments the trench drain, with a ½” plate slotted, that holds up to forklift traffic. It features an outlet that does not have any interior seams or welds, eliminating harborage points for bacteria growth. This product includes a sediment basket to help catch any debris or foreign objects from entering your trunk line.

 StainlessDrains.com has also crafted a locking device to further prevent employee negligence and protection for the drain outlet. More information on the EZ-Stop-Lock can be found here.

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 As with all our products, our stainless steel trench drains and area drains meet U.S. FDA standards and are manufactured in our Greenville, Texas facility, utilizing "lean manufacturing" processes to minimize waste and overhead. This allows us to  create a value stream for our customers. We control all aspects of our product lines from design through completed product. As a result, we are able to offer competitive prices and quick delivery, often within 2 weeks. Our products won’t break the bank for small and emerging businesses, due to the long-term value of stainless.

The use of sanitary stainless steel drains will help breweries, wineries and distilleries maintain a clean and hygienic environment to develop their products, without compromising the health or safety of consumers. To begin an order, or to learn more about which specific StainlessDrains.com products would be best suited for your facility, please call our office or email sales@stainlessdrains.com. Our team of experienced drain specialists are here to help you select the perfect drainage solution for your project, standard or custom. 




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