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Custom Drains

Custom Drains

StainlessDrains.com has an experienced staff of drain specialists who work with each customer to help develop a custom drain design for every job. Starting with your requirements, they work with you to select the appropriate drain for your application, configure the drain, select the appropriate options and manufacture it to the correct specifications. They combine standard and custom commercial stainless steel floor drain options to provide you with the most effective, economic drain system for your application.

Our team is experienced in working with architects, engineers and contractors on new construction, or with facilities management on replacement drains. Our custom drains are designed to handle the application, and meet all requirements of the job.

Custom Stainless Steel Drains

Some drains available for customization at StainlessDrains.com are:

We specialize in the following applications:

With over 20 years of experience in the custom drain industry, StainlessDrains.com understands that each commercial stainless steel floor drain installation is unique and works with each customer to design and manufacture the drain system to meet the specific requirements of that installation.

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