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Custom Trench Drains

One of StainlessDrains.com’s most popular drain types are our stainless-steel trench drains. Our full line of custom commercial trench drains are manufactured out of 304 or 316 stainless steel and meet U.S. FDA standards. Trench drains are fully customizable, and our drain specialists are here to help ensure your product meets the specifications for your application. Our team can design drain systems for new installations or replacement trench drains for existing configurations.

We offer a variety of styles including square, round or v bottom drains, along with T-sections, 45° and 90° bends. Catch basins are also available to increase the collection capability of your trench drain, which can be configured to meet any drain specification.

Trench drain grates are also easily customizable, with a full list of our grate types found here. Company logos or designs can be added to certain grate types, without affecting durability or performance.

Below are some of the options available for customizing our stainless-steel trench drains. If your project requires any additional features not listed below, please contact our team and we will work with you to manufacture the right drain to meet your needs.



  • 12 Gauge Body
  • Start Depths: 8”, 10”, etc.
  • ½” Trap Primer Connection
  • Grate Heights: 1”, 1 ¼”, etc.
  • Anchor Flange / Clamp Device with or without Weep Holes
  • Top Flange
  • Threaded Male or Female Outlet
  • 45° , 90°, Tees, Crosses & Wyes Available
  • Catch Basin / Deep Sump
  • Custom Logo Grates
  • Electro-polished / Pickled / Passivated Finishes
  • Epoxy Ledge
  • Sediment Basket
  • Vandal Proof Grates 
  • Custom Grates with Logos or Designs
  • Adjustable Tops



  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • 8 ½” or 12” OD
  • 14 Gauge Body
  • Grate Height 1 ½” 
  • Start Depths: 4”, 6”
  • Neutral or Sloped Bottom
  • Outlet Sizes: 2” – 6”
  • Schedule 10 or 40 outlet
  • Anchor Tabs
  • Bead Blast Finish


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