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Double Containment Drains

double containment drainStainlessDrains.com manufactures stainless steel double containment drain systems, or secondary containment drains, to help manage condensation in either hot or cold environments. Double containment drains are used in conjunction with trench drains, catch basins, floor sinks and other drainage systems subject to high heat or extreme cold. All drains meet U.S. FDA standards and are corrosive-resistant.

Stainless Steel Double Containment Drain Features

Our stainless steel double containment piping systems are constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel with a 1/2" steel plate grate. Outlet sizes of 3" or 4" are standard. Sediment baskets are included. Custom sizes and weep holes are available.

The drain body is seamless stainless steel with no interior welds to help reduce bacteria build-up and contamination.

Our drain experts work with each client to design drains to meet product requirements. There are no additional charges for custom work, as each drain is manufactured to order in our U.S. plant.

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