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Product Details: The Eco-Strainer™ floor drain trap sealer securely locks in the Eco-Guard™ while protecting the drain outlet.

Specification: 304 stainless steel*, 14 gauge perforated strainer with a 10/32 stainless steel 316 screw attached by weld. The Eco-Strainer™ is available in 3 sizes to fit 2”, 3”, 3 1/2” or 4” outlets. Corrosion resistant and meets U.S. FDA standards.

*Strainer also available in 316 steel.

Function: Used in conjunction with the Eco-Guard™ in the outlet connections of floor drain bodies. The Eco-Strainer™ secures the Eco-Guard™ and protects the drain outlet from debris and trash. It also acts as a secondary strainer for the sediment basket. When the sediment basket is removed, the outlet continues to be protected. The Eco-Guard™ and Eco-Strainer™ can be used in either new construction or retro-fit applications where trap primers were never installed.

*The drawing below reflects the dimensions for the 3 1/2” outlet size.

inline floor drain trap sealer


How it Works


The Eco-Strainer™ works in conjunction with the Eco-Guard™ as the ultimate eco-friendly solution to prevent pests, the spread of bacteria and odors from escaping through drain outlets and into your facility. While the Eco-Guard™ blocks the insects and gases from rising up, the Eco-Strainer™ securely locks the Eco-Guard™ in place and provides additional protection for the drain outlet.


The patent pending design from StainlessDrains.com, allows the perforated stainless steel strainer to attach directly to the Eco-Guard™ and securely locks it into position. It allows for water to flow freely while remaining unimpeded by debris collecting in the drain. The Eco-Strainer™ can easily be removed, but will keep the Eco-Guard™, or other objects, from falling down into the drain, affecting the drainage quality.


In addition to securing the Eco-Guard™ in place, the Eco-Strainer™ also provides extra protection for the drain outlet by acting as a secondary strainer for the sediment basket. When the sediment basket is removed, the drain outlet is still protected by the locking strainer. It’s manufactured to provide filtering and collection of trash, and other debris, for drain systems. 


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The Eco-Strainer™ is simple to install, improves drainage, conserves water and reduces the time and cost of maintenance procedures.  








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