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drain magnetic key StainlessDrains.com has developed a unique locking mechanism to secure drain covers. The EZ+STOP+LOCK cannot be removed with pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, crowbars, or anything else.

Only the matching key will remove the lock.

This allows only those with an assigned key to easily remove the locking floor drain cover.

This is the solution to reduce unexpected costs and downtime due to unauthorized access and damage to your vital drainage system while allowing fast access for routine maintenance tasks.

EZ Stop Lock Overview

ez stop lock magnetic drain coverEZ The Locking mechanism is very EZ to operate. Just touch the key to the lock and the lock releases!

STOP   Basket removal and dumping are major issues for drains in most production environments. STOP employees from throwing away baskets and dumping debris directly into your trunk lines.

LOCK   Drains can be custom configured to meet your needs!  We can make any drain component Lock. Only the key holders will have access.

Does the EZ+STOP+LOCK really work?  Yes, it does. It’s been proven.

EZ Stop Lock Case Study

A major player in food processing was experiencing the common industry problems of discarded sediment baskets, debris dumping directly down the drain, and grate breakage by the maintenance staff. The replacement costs of the drain components, additional maintenance to the trunk lines, and the subsequent production downtime continued to increase. The company realized that continuing to install outdated and “cheap” cast iron drains was actually becoming very expensive.  Plus, cast iron drains in a sanitary production environment can be a ticking time bomb for cross-contamination of multiple production areas by airborne pathogens within the plant.[i] The time had come to find a long-term, cost-effective solution to their drain dilemma.

They called StainlessDrains.com. We made a visit to one of their plants and listened to their issues. As a team, StainlessDrains.com and the plant management staff sat around a whiteboard in the plant’s conference room and designed a drain solution using the EZ+STOP+LOCK. Below is the final result of our combined efforts. This is the actual drain solution that was installed into 14 areas with high debris flow.

  • drain bodyFigure 1:  SDcFS-R44180-EZ (Drain Body) The 18” Round Floor Sink has a solid 304 SS 14 ga body and is 12” deep. The drain (all components) weighs in at a strong 75 lbs.  This heavyweight is ready to perform over the long haul!
  • drain strainerFigure 2:  SDcFS-R44180-EZ (Strainer) The EZ+STOP+LOCK Strainer is 304 SS 14 ga plate with ¼” perforated holes. The strainer plate is thick enough to prevent attempts to pry it open at the edge. Dual locks secure the strainer in place. Unless you have the key, the strainer cannot be removed.  Good Luck trying!
  • drain sediment basketFigure 3:  SDcFS-R44180-EZ (Sediment Basket) The 8” deep Sediment Basket is 304 SS with 1/8” perforated holes and a grab handle.  It can be freely removed to empty debris or perform other sanitation tasks to the drain body. But, the locked strainer below the basket prevents any dumping directly into trunk lines. Plus, the sediment basket has been designed with 1-1/2” clearance above the locked strainer to allow for good water flow.
  • ez stop drain grateFigure 4:  SDcFS-R44180-EZ (Grate) Our signature grate uses ½” inch radial slots in a solid ¼” plate of 304 SS. It will not break no matter how many times it gets “dropped!”  This grate will allow for heavy traffic flow.  The EZ+STOP+LOCK can be used on grates too!
  • ez stop drain components Figure 5: SDcFS-R44180-EZ (All Components) Since the first 14 drains where installed, our customer has ordered dozens more for additional areas across multiple facilities.  Just like many times before, StainlessDrains.com partnered with our customer and engineered value into an effective solution. Problem solved. The EZ+STOP+LOCK Works!

Note: Outlets are custom built to your specs!

Note: We have ½” ¾” and 1” grates available.

The EZ+STOP+LOCK can be integrated with any drain solution you need!

EZ Stop Lock in Action!

Below is our signature Sanitary Drain fitted with the EZ+STOP+LOCK for the sediment basket. Most of our existing products can be fabricated with the EZ+STOP+LOCK system.

  • signature drain body Figure 1: SDcSN-R44120-EZ (Drain Body)  Our 12” Round Sanitary Design Drain is 304 SS with no seams or welds in the body. This helps eliminate areas that can harbor pathogens.
  • signature drain sediment basket Figure 2: SDcSN-R44120-EZ (Sediment Basket) The 14 ga 304 SS sediment basket with 3/8” perforated holes is locked into place.  Only the key can remove the lock.  The key is enclosed inside a black sure grip handle that is built to last in a production environment.
  • signature ez stop sediment basket Figure 3: SDcSN-R44120-EZ (Sediment Basket) The sediment basket isn’t going anywhere unless an authorized “key holder” unlocks the basket for removal.
  • signature ez stop grateFigure 4: SDcSN-R44120-EZ (Grate) The grate is 304 SS ¼” or ½” plate with our signature slotted design and finger holes.

Seamless. Solid. Sanitary. Secure.

  • ez stop signature drain componentsFigure 5: SDcSN-R44120-EZ (All Components) This is the perfect solution for areas with heavy flow, but light to medium debris.  StainlessDrains.com offers the EZ+STOP+LOCK as a tamper-proof method of protecting your drainage system and your bottom line.

Note: Outlets are custom built to your specs!

Note: We have ½” ¾” and 1” grates available.

Replace your old and outdated cast iron, concrete or PVC drains with a durable StainlessDrains.com drain solution fitted with the EZ+STOP+LOCK. The long-term payback will make you glad you did!

StainlessDrains.com will partner with you to design a custom solution to any drainage issue in your production facility.

[i] http://haccpalliance.org/alliance/guifinal2.pdf

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