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Food & Beverage Processing Drain Systems

Stainless Drains supplies food and beverage processing drain systems for multiple applications. Because of stainless steel's cleanability and corrosion resistant properties, it provides the most cleanable, sanitary option for strict hygiene conditions, particularly ones within the food and beverage processing industries. Below is a list of some industry applications that Stainless Drains has provided sanitary drain solutions.

Food & Beverage Processing Drain System Industries

With older drains, bacteria build-up is a major issue, since most outlets are welded on or have flat bottoms that act as harborages for bacteria. StainlessDrains.com has designed a patent-pending food and beverage processing drain system without inside seams or welds and includes the outlet as an intricate part of the drain body.

StainlessDrains.com also has new rounded-bottom trench drains with light or heavy duty, fork-lift rated grates, and a new design on trap drains with a built-in P-trap and cleanout.

Currently in the testing stages at StainlessDrains.com is one of the most sanitary seamless stainless-steel P-traps in the industry.

In the future the company will focus on retro-fitting your existing drains and replacing/restoring your old grates.

Case Study

The Pepsi Bottling group is dedicated to maintaining environmental sustainability standards across all the production facilities. Part of their environmental initiative includes reducing waste and conserving water during the production and distribution process.

StainlessDrains.com provided the following seamless, sanitary drain solutions:

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