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Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Clean in Place System

StainlessDrains.com offers a unique solution to keeping drains clean, particularly in sterile environments. Our Clean in Place (CIP) industrial drain cleaning system allows draining and testing through a single air-tight drain-sealing cover.

The air-tight cover prevents gases and harmful pathogens from entering the sterile environment during cleaning. Up to 7 ports are available and each port is engraved with a port ID and function. Sterile tubing connectors allow for drainage of in-room equipment. An air test port allows quick testing for harmful gases. A window sight port and LED light allow for visual inspection during cleaning.

StainlessDrains.com's CIP industrial drain cleaning solution minimizes the contamination potential from your drain system providing a safe and efficient drain for use in sterile environments.

Our unique drain cleaning solution can be used for all of our stainless drain products. Please contact us for more information about how this industrial drain cleaning solution can help you.

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