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Stainless Drain Products

Stainless Drain Products

StainlessDrains.com manufactures a full line of stainless steel drain grates and covers for any commercial application, from roof drains to sanitary floor drains.We specialize in drains for the food processing, chemical processing, food service, hospitality, retail and healthcare industries.

We offer a broad selection of industry standard options to help ensure that your needs will be met. Options for our drains include, but are not limited to:

All StainlessDrains.com’s products are constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel and are manufactured at our Texas plant. StainlessDrains.com is listed by NSF International and complies with the “Buy American” provision of the ARRA 2009.

We can design and fabricate almost any drain option you will need for your facility, and because all of our stainless steel drains are made to order, there is never an additional upcharge for customization. We provide fast delivery, often within 15 working days, with expedited order processing for time-critical projects.

With our 20 years of experience in the drain industry, our drain experts are able to provide you with the stainless steel drain you need for your application, whether it is new construction or a replacement drain.

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Sanitary Drains

StainlessDrains.com offers a full line of sanitary drains, including double containment drains, in standard and custom sizes.


Trench Drains

Our drains are designed to allow for easy field welds to eliminate the time-consuming bolt and flange connections.


Area Drains

Area drain options include adjustable tops, light to heavy duty grating, sediment baskets and threaded outlets.


Deep Sump Drains

Deep sump drains for area and trench drains are manufactured in standard depths up to 12”, with deeper drains available for custom installations.


Floor Sinks

Floor sinks are offered in standard sizes from 8” to 36”, with perforated, slotted, perimeter gap and bar grating options.



StainlessDrains.com manufactures a full line of drain accessories that are designed to integrate with your drain, or drain system, and can be customized to fit your specification.


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  • Grating

    Our wide selection ensures that you will have the correct grate for your drain application.

  • Outlets

    Manufactured multiple configurations to provide maximum flexibility when selecting or designing a drain for your application.

  • Butterfly Locking System

    Discourages improper waste disposal by simply closing off the drain when the sediment basket is removed.

  • Trap Primer Connection

    We can fit any drain with a standard 304 or 316 stainless steel 1/2" trap primer connector.

  • Flash Collar

    Helps secure water-proofing membrane when needed.

  • Clamp Device

    Manufactured with 304 or 316 stainless steel and are corrosion resistant, ensuring a long life.

  • Internal Flange

    Designed help reduce splashing caused by large volumes of water at high flow rates.

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