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Restaurant Stainless Drain Systems & Sink Drains

Stainless Drains provides the food service industry with high quality sanitary stainless steel sink drains. With older drains, bacteria build-up is a major issue, because most outlets are welded on or have flat bottoms that act as harborages for bacteria. To help prevent the problems that most health inspectors look for… fruit flies, bacteria build-up, etc., StainlessDrains.com has designed a patent-pending restaurant sanitary drain without inside seams or welds and includes the outlet as an intricate part of the drain body. These drains come in several sizes to meet the needs of most any food-service facility.

Restaurant Sink Drain Applications

  • Fast Food Facilities
  • Family Style
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining
  • Coffee-houses
  • Bistros

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