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Slotted Grates

slotted drain grate Slotted steel floor drain grates are offered as an option for many drains manufactured by StainlessDrains.com. Stainless steel slotted grates and slot drain systems are used to provide protection for the drain, while allowing for drainage into the drain for area drains, catch basins, trench drains, sanitary drains and deep sump drains.

Standard slotted grating is manufactured of 10 gauge 304, 316 or 316L stainless steel. It is used for light-to-medium foot traffic, with some vehicular traffic.

Slotted Grating Specifications and Options

  • 1/2" reinforced for drains in areas with vehicular traffic, such as warehouses and garages
  • 3/8” heavy duty and 1/2" extra heavy duty grating for area drains
  • Round, square, rectangular shapes, both standard and custom sizes

All of StainlessDrains.com’s products are manufactured in the U.S., at our plant in Texas. We offer competitive pricing and our drain specialists work with each client to ensure that the drain and its components meet the requirements of each installation.

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