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Stainless Drain Products

T Section Trench Drains

StainlessDrains.com produces T-section add-ons for heavy-duty trench drains that require joints between two drain sections. Manufactured of 304 or 316 stainless steel, the T-sections are custom designed to meet the exact requirements of each customer’s installation. The T-sections are manufactured for a smooth transition between the drain sections to allow for maximum flow and to help minimize bacteria build-up and contamination.

T Section Drain Options

Heavy-duty trench drains are manufactured to your exact specifications, and T-section joints are engineered to provide the most effective layout of the drain for the application. The joints can be used with any of StainlessDrains.com trench drain products, including square, round, V-bottom and slot trench drains. Light to heavy duty grates, catch basins and sediment baskets are available.

All of StainlessDrains.com drains are manufactured at our US plant, and we maintain complete control of the manufacturing process. Our drain specialists work with each customer and each system is designed to meet the specific needs of our customers’ installation. Our 20 years of experience manufacturing drain products for the foodservice, plumbing and construction industries ensures that each customer receives a high quality, economical product.

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