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Stainless Steel Trench Drains

stainless steel trench drainStainlessDrains.com manufactures a full line of custom stainless steel trench drains, trench drain systems, and drain troughs for the foodservice, plumbing, and construction industries. All drains are manufactured of 304 or 316 stainless steel and U.S. FDA standards.

Trench Drain Installations

Specific installations for the Trench Drains include the following:

  • Manufacturing plants that require sanitary processing for foods, beverages and chemicals
  • Restaurants and institutional kitchens
  • Retail outlets, such as convenience stores and gas stations, that serve food and beverages
  • Water, sports and amusement parks requiring overflow drainage.

Trench Drain Installation

All products manufactured by StainlessDrains.com are custom-designed by our drain specialists to ensure that the customers’ specific requirements are met. Our product designs include stainless steel trench drains and drain troughs manufactured to industry standard sizes as well as custom sizes and configurations to meet each job’s requirements. We are able to design drain systems for new installations as well as replacement trench drains that must meet existing configurations.

Trench drains and components available include:

Trench Drain Engineering Specifications

Standard Trench Drain Options

  • 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
  • 8 ½” or 12” OD
  • 14 Gauge Body
  • Grate Height 1 ½” 
  • Start Depths: 4”, 6”
  • Neutral or Sloped Bottom
  • Outlet Sizes: 2” – 6”
  • Schedule 10 or 40 outlet
  • Anchor Tabs
  • Bead Blast Finish

Custom Trench Drain Options

  • 12 Gauge Body
  • Start Depths: 8”, 10”, etc.
  • ½” Trap Primer Connection
  • Grate Heights: 1”, 1 ¼”, etc.
  • Anchor Flange / Clamp Device with or without Weep Holes
  • Top Flange
  • Threaded Male or Female Outlet
  • 45° , 90°, Tees, Crosses & Wyes Available
  • Catch Basin / Deep Sump
  • Custom Logo Grates
  • Electro-polished / Pickled / Passivated Finishes
  • Epoxy Ledge
  • Sediment Basket
  • Vandal Proof Grates 

StainlessDrains.com uses a “lean manufacturing” process in our U.S. plant. This allows us to minimize waste and overhead which creates a value stream that we can pass along to our customers. We are able to offer competitive pricing and fast delivery for standard or customized stainless steel drain solutions.

StainlessDrains.com has been serving the stainless steel drain market for over 20 years. We are committed to meeting our customer’s needs. We take pride in our ability to offer value for our customers through personal service and superior products.

StainlessDrains.com is listed by NSF International. Only products bearing the NSF mark are certified. 

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